COVID19 has changed the rules of the game. Not all hotels will survive through the impact of the pandemic. We need a fundamental shift in how hoteliers think. We believe hoteliers need to be more proactive to invest in technologies that drive efficiencies, cut their operating costs, and  give their guests a touch-less experience.

We did a webinar on 20th May 2020, on the topic "The Role of Technology In Hotel Industry Post COVID19" with Aeijaz Sodawala who is the CEO of Ezee Technosys which is one of India's biggest companies in hospitality tech & Manish Adlakha who is ex-Goibibo and played a pivotal in goibibo's expansion in budget segment in India.  

Some of the key pointers from the discussion was :-
1. Hoteliers need a proactive and open mindset and should be willing to sign up tech demos and see how various tools available can help them be more efficient.
2. Hoteliers need to focus on an end to end touchless guest experience.
3. Hoteliers need to adopt technologies like IoT and Artificial intelligence to do predictive maintenance, cut operating costs and identify hidden waste in utilities and minimize it.
4. Hoteliers need to focus on all communication channels and highlight the measures they are taking to each customer.

To dive deep, and knowing which all technologies can help you hack the crisis and emerge as a winner out of the pandemic watch the recording of the webinar above. To join our hotelier community on whatsapp click here.