We offer a wireless communication network to IoT device manufacturers & developers who build their own devices.

- Team Podnet

What do we do !

As the world is picking up with innovations in Internet of Things, there is no network that provides seamless connectivity with the cloud and with other devices. So we are building a low-cost and ubiquitous wireless network for these IoT devices.

Why are we doing this !

Long story short, what really got us into this was a talk by Jeremy Rifkin on Third Industrial Revolution (watch it on YouTube). This got our mind thinking about IoT and the critical role it's gonna play in the coming years. We identified a key problem that was a major pain point for all IoT developers, establishing a network.

What's the status !

Currently, we are in beta testing stage, but soon we'll start deploying our network in multiple locations, starting from Bangalore. Presently, our goal is to increase reliability of our network and build the right set of tools that would help us ship more and more features, faster.

How you can contribute !

  • If you want to contribute to our blog posts mail us your post along with your name at hello@thepodnet.com. We will create your account so that you can publish your blogs.
  • If you want to contrinute in our GitHub Repository, visit https://github.com/Podnet . Currently contributions are opened for the following repositories, visit the repository contribution details are provided in README.md file

Our Community

We are building a Community of IoT Developers, where people are engaged in peer to peer learning and building cool stuff. Our Community Group provides advice, connections, contents and easy-to-use tech tools for people.

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Contact Us

If you are a company that would like to use Podnet for their use case. Please reach out to us on hello@thepodnet.com. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.