We understand backpacker hostels and budget hotels inside out, we also understand what it means to operate on low margin and a tight budget while making sure that each guest has the time of his/her life. Hence being efficient while managing your hotel efficiently is very important to maximise profit and customer experience. Based on our understanding and hands on experience of the backpacker hostel & budget hotel segment here are 6 simple tools to manage your backpacker hostel with 6x efficiency:

  1. Energy Management System : The monthly electricity bill is a significant cost every month for any backpacker hostel owner. Though it’s a mandatory expenditure, a lot of times we are incurring this expenditure even when not needed. This can be optimised by central monitoring and controlling of heavy appliances in the building. Energy Management System helps you gain full central control of your heavy electrical appliances and save up to 20% on current energy bills. One such tool is called Switch - By Podnet, book a demo now and get upto 2 month free subscription!
  2. Reputation Management System : In a competitive industry like Backpacker Hostel where margins are low, reputation is very important. Backpackers look at your hostel's reviews before making the booking. A reputation management helps you track reviews from different channels (like tripadvisor, facebook, booking,com etc) on one single platform. You can read, respond and even analyse your property reviews using a reputation management system. One credible reputation management tool is Xperium by Repup.
  3. Ticket Management System : Your customers interacts will you from countless channels like email, Facebook page, Instagram, OTAs, web chat etc and maintaining a decent response rate on all channels becomes a nightmare sometimes, a delayed response can cause a lot of distress to your customer as well. To overcome this problem you can use a ticket management system to collate all customer interactions with your brand under one simple dashboard. This way you dont have to login on 10 different platform to check and respond to queries everyday. You can get started with a free Freshdesk account to manage your customer queries more efficiently.
  4. Property Management System : A PMS allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the occupancy of your property. It helps you manage your bed inventory, and maintains a complete record of the past occupancies. The best property management tool we know of is Ezee Absolute
  5. Point of Sale : For those hostels also have a cafe or a restaurant, a point of sales system becomes is a must. It allows you manage orders more efficiently. It records all past transactions and order details. In a nutshell it gives you a clear picture of your cafe sales even remotely. You can use Petpuja it’s a nice and affordable, POS tool that might be perfect for your cafe!
  6. Employee Scheduling Tool : The soul of a backpacker hostel is the operations staff. Happier staff means happier customer experience, but so many time we see that our staff starts to feel overworked, tired and exhausted. This happens partly because of bad shift scheduling and planning. To fix this an ops manager should certainly look to use employee shift scheduling tools. One Such tool is  Find My Shift it is free for first 5 employees, use and see for yourself!

We hope all these tools will help you manage your backpacker hostel business with much more efficiency. In case you are interested in signing up for a demo of our Energy Management System feel free to reach out to us on +91-8744943433 or info@thepodnet.com.